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To Log In

To create a new account, enter your email address and your desired user name. If you already have a Wordfeud account, tap Login. Then enter either email or username, along with your password.

A password is generated when you first install Wordfeud. If you are unable to change it on the device you first installed Wordfeud on, you can ask Wordfeud to "Reset Password". Follow the instructions in the mail to reset your password. Check your spam folder if you don't receive a mail. If you still cannot login, contact us at support@wordfeud.com

Note that the language used in the Wordfeud interface depends on the settings of your phone. This is independent of the language of the dictionary used in the games.

The Game List

After logging in you will see the main screen, containing all your games. The games are sorted by whose turn it is, and how long since the last move. Press any game to see the board.

The navigation bar contains three buttons:

The plus sign opens the New Game screen.

The cogwheel opens the settings view.

The chart line opens the statistics view.

A red badge above an opponent's image indicates unread chat messages from that player.

The bottom of the game list has links to Wordfeud's Facebook page, our Twitter account, the team's development blog, and this manual.

New Game

New Game With

Find player allows you to search for a specific player by username or email.

Join a Tournament links to Wordfeud tournaments run by third party organizers where you may register as a user to compete against other dedicated players.

Game options

After choosing an opponent you may choose the kind of game you wish to play.

Dictionary changes the language used for the game. For US English we use the TWL. For international English the SOWPODS dictionary is used. Other languages you may play include Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Norwegian (bokmål or nynorsk), Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. For Swedish you may also choose a strict dictionary that include base word forms only.

Board decides the board layout. You can choose the Standard board pattern or Random, where the bonus multipliers are spread around at random.

The Game Board

Drag tiles onto the board to create words and press Play to complete your turn. The Play button turns into a Pass turn button when there are no tiles on the board. You can also Clear all tiles from the board, and Shuffle the tiles in the rack for inspiration.

Press the Menu button to:

You can only swap tiles and resign on your turn.

To chat with your opponent, tap Chat in the upper right corner.

User Profile

From the Chat view, tap the person button to access more information about your opponent. There are buttons available to start a new game, add the opponent as your friend or block them if you wish.

If the user has given permission, their rating and various game statistics is also visible.



Upgrade to Premium

You can remove all ads from Wordfeud and get access to statistics with an in-app purchase. This does not affect your current games or your friend list.

Restore Previous Purchase

Use this if you have previously purchased Wordfeud with the Apple ID account. This should only be necessary if you're switching phones or reinstalling the game.

It is not necessary to make separate purchases if you are for instance playing on an iPhone and an iPad, as long as the same Apple ID is used.


Change picture

The profile picture is seen by other users when they play against you. You can either use your phone's camera to take a picture, or choose from photos already on your phone. If you are logged in to Wordfeud using Facebook, you can also use your Facebook profile picture.


It is possible to change your username. Please take into consideration that usernames with emoji or other special characters may be difficult to search for.

You should register your email address to ensure you can reset your password should you forget it. Also you may want other players to be able to look up your email address to invite you to a game.

Note that it's not possible to change which Wordfeud account you're logged into. To log in to another account you will have to uninstall and reinstall Wordfeud.

Change password

Allows you to change your password. You need to set a password in order to log in on other devices.


Allow opponents and friends to see my stats Turn off this if you wish to prevent other players from seeing your rating or various statistics.

Game Options


This is what you are reading now.


The first item in the statistics list determines what statistics are shown. Overall statistics will show accumulated statistics for all dictionary and board type you have played. Tapping this item lets you limit the statistics to a single game type.

A line chart that shows how your skill rating has evolved over time is available when a single game type is chosen. Hold your phone in landscape orientation to see this chart in full screen, allowing you to zoom in on the details.

Friend statistics

The Friend statistics page list all friends you have ever played. The columns show how many games you have won, tied or lost to your friend. By tapping the friend's name you may get detailed information about this player (their User Profile).

Statistics are available as part of the Premium upgrade.