Swedish dictionary

The Swedish dictionary is provided by The Swedish Academy (Svenska Akademien).

Dutch dictionary

The Dutch dictionary is proprietary, created by TaalTik, using the OpenTaal dictionary as base material. You can get more info about the words in the list from wordfeud.taaltik.nl.

Danish dictionary

Wordfeud uses Dansk Sprognævns Retskrivningsordbog, 4. udgave, 2012, inkl. 8. digitale oplag, 2017. It also includes the latest updates from 2023.

Norwegian dictionary

Wordfeud uses "NSF-ordlisten", made by the Norwegian Scrabble Association (Norsk Scrabbleforbund).

Portuguese dictionary

The Portuguese dictionary is proprietary, created by spellonit.com. For more information and / or feedback, see http://spellonit.com/support/por/